Partnership with M’lis

At Eden, we believe that working together promotes success.  We have helped hundreds of clients achieve improved health through one of our programs.  Although the Candida program is our most popular, we have worked with clients who suffer from Lupus to severe eczema.  Through the unwavering support of the M’lis Company, their doctors and educators, nothing will stop us from helping you get well.  With Team Eden – M’lis in your corner, you are assured to triumph!

The wellness mentors at Eden are certified through the M’lis corporate headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.  All mentors are required to attend an initial basic and advanced training at the M’lis headquarters and complete a meticulous test to receive certification.  It is also required that all wellness mentors must have personally walked the journey from sickness to health and maintained a healthy lifestyle.  In addition, wellness mentors must attend a week long yearly corporate training seminar to keep up to date with the latest information in the industry.  

Dr. Linda T. Nelson, Ph.D. – Founder and CEO
Dr. Nelson, Ph.D. Preventive Health, has devoted much of her life researching and educating others on preventive therapies and holistic answers to health problems.  Her journey began with her own battle with Fibromyalgia where she learned firsthand about the healing and regenerative properties of the body.  This experience changed her life forever and motivates her quest for learning and growth.   She enjoys helping others discover overall wellness and relief from chronic health concerns through nutrition and knowledge.

Dr. Nelson is the author of three books: “Living Symptom Free – Fibromyalgia and Candida”, “Losing Mom – Life changes for Alzheimer’s and Dementia”, and “From Surviving to THRIVING – Rebuilding the Immune System after Cancer Treatments and Living a Preventive Cancer Lifestyle”.  Along with her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Integrated Health Therapies, Dr. Nelson is also a Certified Reflexologist and Licensed Master Esthetician.

Wallace V. Nelson, President
With a passion for learning about the workings of the human body and a talent for business, Wallace Nelson brings well-rounded expertise to his role at The M’lis Company.  Wallace has a degree in Nutrition and is also a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Reflexologist and an Emergency Medical Technician.  He is recognized nationally for his knowledge and expertise and is a highly anticipated speaker at industry events.  As president, he oversees the design, production and implementation of M’lis products and programs.

JulieAnn Holland RND, Ph.D.
Dr. JulieAnn Holland is a Doctor of Natural Health and has dedicated her time to helping families establish better life style choices and habits.  She is the author of “I Am My Child’s Advocate” and specializes in inspiring parents to advocate for their children’s health.  Dr. Holland has been a consultant for hundreds of health spas and clinics across the United States and helps to establish wellness in communities across the nation.  She is a dedicated health educator and enjoys sharing the journey of health and wellness to individuals in need.

Why M’lis?
M’lis is a thirty year old spa and wellness company.  Their philosophy, products and service line separates them from traditional spa and wellness programs.

The M’lis products and programs are designed and managed by the following top doctors in naturopathic treatment:  Dr. Linda T. Nelson, Dr. Wallace V. Nelson and Dr. JulieAnn Holland. They have a combined 50+ years of holistic medicine experience in research, treatment, and training.

The M’lis Commitment
M’lis products are currently used in the United States and 17 other countries. They are truly an international force in the field of natural healing. Their goal is to help others improve their lives, while providing honesty, integrity, value, and the best service possible. Their research, manufacturing of products, quality control, and educational programs are founded in commitment and excellence.  The M’lis company is a leader in the health and wellness industry.

M’lis cherishes the public’s confidence in the company, its products, programs and training. The company’s mission is to always honor that confidence by meticulous planning and adherence to the best standards.

Commitment to Quality:
“The importance of quality ingredients is the difference between feeling a little better
…and staying well!”

• 100% organic herbs
• FDA certified lab
• First, all herbs are quarantined for 30 days and then contaminates are discarded
•Second, all herbs are quarantined again for 30 days and then all contaminates discarded
• Finally they capsuled into veggie caps

M’lis detox herbs and supplements are formulated to work together.  This ensures balance and 100% assimilation.  M’lis upholds the high Japanese standards that does not allow more than .002% filler (brown rice flour).  However, the FDA allows up to 50% filler which can be anything (i.e. sawdust) and does not require the ingredients to be listed.