How Eden Day Spa & Wellness Center Began:
Stephanie and Darlene, two sisters, started with a dream over ten years ago of owning their own business and making a positive impact on their clients and community. Their goal was to create a spa that would have an upscale look without the upscale “attitude.”  A place where their customers would receive quality and results orientated skin care in a quiet and relaxing environment.  When Stephanie and Darlene started their own personal journey to wellness, they discovered a unique spa niche.  They became acquainted with the M’lis Company and their wellness & detox programs.  This partnership has been very successful.  Ten years and hundreds of successful programs later, Stephanie and Darlene love what they do!

Stephanie’s Story:
Stephanie has 16+ years of experience as an esthetician and 10+ years of experience as a M’lis Wellness Mentor.  She has helped hundreds of individuals overcome illness and achieve good health.  Helping a client take control of their health and changing their life is her greatest joy.

Her wellness journey started at 18 years old when she had jaw surgery as a result of terrible TMJ.  Shortly thereafter, she began esthetician school.  Six weeks after school began, she came down with a sore throat that would not go away.  The doctor’s diagnosis was strep throat and he prescribed antibiotics.  A week later, after no improvement in her health, she woke up and could not get out of bed.  Her symptoms comprised of extreme fatigue, achiness all over and a tight chest.  A return trip to the doctor revealed that she had mononucleosis.  Her response was, “What a rip off- I didn’t even get kissed!”  The doctor said she would be contagious for a month and to let it run its course.  After being house bound for 30 days, she restarted school but never felt 100%.  Stephanie was constantly tired, continued to have tightness in her chest and caught every cold.  She would sleep for 12 hours a day and feel exhausted.  Her life revolved around constant tiredness.

Stephanie started to notice that certain foods would make her symptoms worse.  Being a thin, petite girl, her philosophy was, “I’m skinny; I can eat whatever I want.”  Now, for the first time in her life she started to pay attention to what she was eating.  After doing the Candida cleanse, her symptoms disappeared and she has been feeling great for 10+ years.  To maintain excellent health, a proper diet is followed in conjunction with a quarterly mini cleanse.

Darlene’s Story:
Darlene’s focus at Eden is on the day to day operations.  She has also been a M’lis Wellness Mentor for 10+ years, helping hundreds of individuals achieve improved health.

Her wellness journey started when she was in high school dealing with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  She lived on Imodium A-D and had her gall bladder removed.  Her life revolved around constant abdominal pain.  She was always asking “Where is the restroom?”  After doing the Candida cleanse, she has been symptom free for 10+ years. To maintain excellent health, a proper diet is followed in conjunction with a quarterly mini cleanse.

Connecting with the M’lis Company:
Although skeptical of alternative health, Darlene and Stephanie attended an alternative health care training seminar in 2003 sponsored by the M’lis Company.  The wellness mentors provided each individual with a three page questionnaire to determine if they had Candida.  Darlene scored high, but Stephanie did not.  The wellness mentors advised them to begin with the Candida cleanse program accompanied by a daily schedule.  In order to support each other, Stephanie and Darlene did the program together.  The program consisted of not eating anything that contained yeast or was hard for the body to digest, taking herbs to detox the body and supplements to build the immune system.  To further flush out toxins, the program included exercise, body wraps, massage, ionic foot cleanses, drinking lots of water and several liquid days.

Thirty days later Darlene and Stephanie were both symptom free!  They learned that their bodies could heal themselves if provided with the right tools and environment.  Through this experience, they decided wellness would be the perfect compliment to the day spa.

Story of a Fibromyalgia Friend:
Stephanie worked with a colleague who had fibromyalgia.  She was a very healthy person; always eating salads, nuts, seeds, etc; exercised consistently and drank a lot of water.  Despite her healthy lifestyle, she was in bed five days a week to be able to function the other two days.  The M’lis Company claimed one could be symptom free from fibromyalgia in six months or less.  Stephanie and Darlene quickly put her on the program to see if it would work.  She did an intensive juicing program with herbs and supplements.  Within four months, she was symptom free and enjoying all seven days of the week.  Please read additional success stories in our testimonial section.