Blood Sugar Disorders

Diabetes is a chronic metabolism disorder.  Metabolism is how our bodies use digested food for energy and growth.  A person with diabetes does not digest food properly, which causes fluctuations in their blood sugar levels.  Normal blood sugar levels are between 80-110 mg/dL.  When blood sugar is low, below 70 mg/dL, it makes a person feel shaky and sweaty; or if it is high, greater than 200 mg/dL, it makes a person feel tired and sleepy.

Diabetes mellitus is a condition that occurs when the pancreas is unable to secrete enough insulin to maintain a normal blood sugar (glucose) level, leading to high blood sugar levels.  A person is regarded as having diabetes mellitus if their blood sugar concentration is greater than 140 mg/dL after an overnight fast (In-Tele-Health © 2005).

Pre-diabetes and type II can lead to serious complications and premature death.  People with this illness can take steps to control the disease and lower their risk of complications.

Program Highlights:
  • The M’lis supplements included in the Blood Sugar Program will help nourish and cleanse vital organs that perform blood sugar regulation.  Specific supplements help to slow the rate of blood sugar spikes and help to manage appetite.
  • M’lis Instant Meal is a great way to replace a balanced meal.
  • M’lis Slender-Aid is taken daily to help balance blood sugar levels throughout the day
  • M’lis Simply Sweet can act as a natural great tasting sugar substitute to keep sugar levels in balance while providing necessary dietary fiber.  These products work synergistically to help maintain healthy blood glucose levels.
  • Education and guidance on proper food nutrition/balance to help maintain blood sugar levels on a daily basis.

Program results will vary with each participant.  For the best results, work with an Eden Wellness Mentor.

Contact an Eden Wellness Mentor for additional information.