Weight Management

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over half of American adults are overweight and approximately one-third are obese.  (Overweight is 10-30 pounds over an ideal weight and obesity is 30+ pounds over an ideal weight).  Excess weight has significant ramifications on the overall health of an individual.  It can lead to an increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, cancer, arthritis, and other degenerative health problems.

At Eden, our programs are founded on the principle that to lose weight one must not only consume fewer calories, exercise, but also provide the body with the right caloric intake and adequate nutrition for optimal wellness.  This program is designed for safe weight loss that does not use addictive or chemical substances nor does it create imbalances or cause ketosis.  Sound nutrition and natural products are utilized together to dissipate fat and help correct weight-related health problems.  Despite current misconceptions, neither fats or carbohydrates are the enemy.  The body needs essential fats and carbohydrates to provide fuel for the body to function.  The key is to provide the body with the correct fats/carbohydrates and to eat a balanced diet following sound nutritional advice.

 Program Highlights:
  • Detoxification to help cleanse the intestinal tract of old waste material and hard encrustations, to shorten food processing time and strengthen the peristaltic action of the bowels.
  • Two meals a day are replaced with an Instant Meal Nutritional Shake, providing a broad spectrum of nutritional support to keep energy and nutritional levels up and  caloric intake down.  A third regular meal, selected for its nutritional and low-caloric levels, is eaten daily.  This one meal can be breakfast, lunch or dinner, but should be eaten before 6:00 pm.
  • A herbal appetite appeaser is taken to help stabilize blood sugar levels and to prevent feelings of hunger without chemicals or addictive substances.
  • Additional supplementation as determined by your personal health screening and Eden Wellness Mentor.
  • Exercise and proper water hydration.  Before beginning any exercise regimen, please consult your local physician.

Program results will vary with each participant.  For the best results, work with an Eden Wellness Mentor.

Contact an Eden Wellness Mentor for additional information.