Herring’s Law of Natural Healing

Dr. Linda Nelson discusses Herring’s Law of Cure in her book, Living Symptom Free – Fibromyalgia and Candida.  The principle behind Herring’s Law of Cure is that the body cleanses, repairs and heals itself from the top to bottom (head to toe) and from key vital organs to less vital organs.  When a body begins to heal through a cleansing / detoxification process, the head (sinuses, headaches, etc.) will heal before the legs and feet (top to bottom).  The internal organs and glands will heal before the external skin.  The body will heal in the reverse order of degenerative symptoms.  When symptoms arise during a cleanse, it is imperative to review your health history to understand how the body is healing.  For example, if a person has had significant dental work and used Novocain, as the body heals, the gums will ache as the Novocain clears.  If a person has had a sports injury and used cortisone, as the body heals, there will be pain at the injury site.

Below are two examples of client healing crises as they went through the cleansing / detoxification program:

  • An older woman complained of a pain that went from her right shoulder down her side to her ankle.  When asked if she ever had an illness or injury that exhibited similar pain, she remembered she had rheumatic fever as a teenager.  The pain was consistent with her prior illness.  Within several hours, the pain had ceased and the body continued progressing toward improved health.
  • A younger female had her skin break out into a terrible rash.  As a child she had scarlet fever and the rash was consistent with the one she had as a child.  After a few days, the rash began to heal.